Utilising Microsoft Dynamics 365, we build customised relationship management solutions that deliver Agribusiness organisations with a powerful platform to better track, share and monitor their membership interactions.


Driving Better Business Decisions

Market and climate volatility head up the list of major challenges faced by the Australian Agribusiness industry. Agricultural organisations are acutely aware that both bare significant impact on revenue. On top of these external challenges, internal challenges, such as operational risks and complex business challenges, dominate the minds of decision makers across the full spectrum of agricultural services. Simient provides Agribusiness organisations with specialist CRM solutions to better manage the flow of information across their membership, delivering industry insights that ensure sophisticated business decisions.


Managing Member Relationships Better

By leveraging Microsoft Dynamics extensible platform of applications, Agribusiness organisations have the ability to customise solutions specifically suited to their particular industry vertical. Solutions include;

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Communications & Collaboration
  • Logistics Management
  • Revenue Management

Customer Relationship Management

  • Improve and nurture business relationships via a designated Customer Engagement system
  • Develop custom business processes
  • Built on Microsoft’s Dynamics 365
  • Allows for tracking of all interactions with each customer, providing a single source of information and insights
  • Efficient, standardised processes via workflows and business process automation
  • Targeted communications utilising marketing campaigns

Communication and Collaboration

  • Empower your teams to communicate and collaborate effectively, to produce the best possible outcomes
  • From developing intranets, to Document Management Solutions, to implementing the latest Microsoft collaboration tools (TEAMS or OneDrive)
  • Or if you need to talk to your customers, Simient can integrate your CRM systems with Marketing Automation software, like Click Dimensions or MailChimp

Logistics Management

  • Remove reliance on individual knowledge and disparate systems (such as spreadsheets and Access databases)
  • Systems and processes to help you scale
  • Confidence in decision making through ease of access to information
  • Standardised, efficient processes for handling stock movements
  • Power of analytical modelling for forecasting future behavior and outcomes
  • Allied with the CRM capabilities, the Dynamics platform can help you develop a whole of business/single source of truth approach to your core business – and ensure a complete flow of information/traceability across your business activities

Revenue Management

  • Using the Microsoft Dynamics platform / Microsoft Technology stack enables members to track their dealing with your Association
  • Monitor performance over time, and use analytical reporting to model and predict future outcomes

Queensland Sugar Limited

Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) is a not-for-profit organisation owned by the Queensland sugar industry.  A leader in raw sugar marketing, QSL has an excellent reputation for quality, service and innovation in the international sugar market. QSL provides four main value offerings – pricing, financing, marketing and operations services – with all net value returned to the industry they serve.


QSL have several Grower Agents, charged with assisting farmers to nominate their crop to QSL on a seasonal basis, and also manage their crop sales and revenue generation throughout the year. These Grower Agents work from small offices, throughout Northern Queensland, and spend considerable time on the road. Prior to this project, these Grower Agents were managing their clients individually; using spreadsheets and other low-tech solutions. Conversations with growers were not properly recorded or shared, leading to inconsistent messaging and knowledge bottlenecks, and made coordinated messaging almost impossible.

The aim of this project was to provide an enhanced CRM solution, so that the Grower Agents can better track, manage and report on the interactions they have with their Growers, and ultimately provide a better level of service.


  • Have a single source of truth for all Grower Account Management activities
  • Help with the tracking and visibility of individual tasks
  • Have full visibility of all interactions with each Grower and their representatives
  • Have a common way of working that breeds trust in the recorded data
  • Accurately record information that may influence their strategic account management goals
  • Filter and monitor data that may influence their account management strategies
  • Provide mechanisms for coordinated messages/campaign messaging
  • Access to information out in the field if possible
  • Integration with Mailchimp

Business Goals:

  • Ease of reporting on data
  • Increased satisfaction of GROs and Growers
  • Increased Market Share


Simient designed, developed and configured a tailored CRM system, utilising the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, to allow QSL to track, share and monitor all interactions with their GROs and Growers across all QSL locations. The system provides assistance with seasonal campaigns and activities, while also supporting ad hoc tasks and interactions. Each user can monitor their own clients, tasks and KPIs to ensure they are fully supported in their role, while the full interaction history recorded against each client allows all Growers to feel seen and valued no matter which Agent they speak to.

The system is also fully integrated with the QSL Direct portal – which allows Growers to monitor the commodities market and control the sale of their crop themselves. This ensures that each Grower Agent has full visibility of any and all information required for them to better assist their clients.


  • Conducted Design Thinking Discovery phase to ensure the needs of the Grower Agents were clearly defined and understood
  • Delivered in just 3 months, with complex challenges addressed during development
  • Over 2,000 Growers registered on the platform, across multiple locations
  • A consistent, structured, single source of truth, with the flexibility to cater for individual Grower Agent needs
  • Mobile support, via the Dynamics Mobile app, to provide access to key data and functionality whilst on the road


“Simient did a fantastic job of uncovering and understanding the needs of our Grower Agents, and have delivered a platform that provides them with all the tools they need to achieve their goals, whilst also providing the right visibility to the business.”

Salvo Spina. Manager, Information and Communication Technology

Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL)