October 6, 2018

Why IT Projects Fail: A Roadmap for Prevention

With the IT project success rate pinned at 30%, it pays to put the spotlight on process. Here, we explain our tried and tested top 5 steps to IT project success. Many IT project failures have hit the headlines in recent years. I’d need more than one hand to count Australia’s monolithic IT projects that... read more

August 6, 2018

Simient Acquires MR CRM

Brisbane, Australia– August 1, 2018 – Simient has announced the purchase of Mr CRM, a specialist services provider for Microsoft Dynamics 365, to boost its existing footprint as a specialist CRM consultancy. Currently, Simient uses the platform to create highly customised frontline solutions for health and corrections enterprise clients. Mr CRM will allow Simient to provide solution offerings more suited... read more

June 3, 2018

3 Lessons from Microsoft Build 2018

I recently attended the Microsoft Build conference in Seattle, along with thousands of “the most innovative minds in tech” – or developers as they are commonly known. As the premiere tech event in the Microsoft world, there were 350 sessions and a multitude of product announcements. While there are many general recaps of the conference, I am... read more

May 9, 2018

Grapes of Wrath vs. AI

What if John Steinbeck was 100 years younger?  Would Grapes of Wrath be retitled Data of Wrath?  Just to recap the story for those like me who said they read it in high school but really only skimmed it to find relevant quotes to use in the essay.  This story is set in the dustbowl... read more

May 2, 2018

The Outpatient IT Dilemma

Australian hospitals are preoccupied with the substantial task of implementing Electronic Medical Record systems, which are sometimes touted as the answer to all IT challenges. But amidst long, complex rollouts that chew up resources and budget, there is one area of hospital oversight that is not usually well-served by the EMR. And that’s specialist outpatient... read more

March 19, 2018

Health Innovation in 2018

A recent seminar on innovation in the health industry saw three speakers put forward their ideas and experiences about progress and the potholes that lie ahead… Centricity: One Platform, Any Challenge read more

March 10, 2017

Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital embraces Dynamics 365

Simient mention in this article from Microsoft https://news.microsoft.com/en-au/features/lady-cilento-childrens-hospital-embraces-dynamics-365/#sm.00000qm46kzhitfckxt22lv0c12k5#9y4VCfxx5Zl7X9e4.97 read more

October 25, 2016

Simient Wins Health Start-up and Innovation Showcase with CHIMP

eHealth Queensland launched the first of a series of a start-up and innovation showcases for emerging suppliers of new ‘digital health’ solutions on 21 October at QUT. The objective of this event is to identify emerging solutions that would aid the improved design, delivery and/or management of healthcare services. read more

August 21, 2016


There is no salary cap on EPL teams. This means that with the biggest cheque book they can buy the best players. How is it then that Leicester City were able to win the 2015/16 championship. A team that was on the point of relegation the previous year wins the following year beating much better... read more