September 29, 2020

Interacting with and managing customers is one of the most important aspects of any business. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that companies do so in the most effective and efficient ways possible. This is precisely what the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite is responsible for. A dependable, extendible data-driven software platform with CRM being the core. CRM is the acronym for Customer Relation Management, a rather self-explanatory name. There are multiple reasons why Microsoft Dynamics 365 should be an essential part of your business process.

  1. The platform can help you manage every administrative aspect of your business, including services, marketing, sales and other bespoke processes. It collects and retains data regarding your customer relationships and provides an automated system, that helps you keep track of everything customer related. This greatly reduces human errors, double entry or missing information that often prove detrimental to customer relations.
  2. Another important aspect of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that it is a useful tool for both large and small businesses. Larger businesses can often find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data they collect, and customer engagement can often prove complicated. The research, analysis, and communication can take up a vast amount of resources and without the ability to analyse, would never reach peak efficiency. The CRM tools made available by Microsoft Dynamics 365 simplifies all of this greatly.
  3. Smaller businesses, on the other hand, have limited human resources, to begin with. This makes it difficult to improve efficiency, as employees are often burdened with information management and administration, both of which are time-consuming. This takes away attention from other equally important areas of the business. Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps make these vital business processes automatic, which helps reduce administrative time but still allows the business to record the information needed.
  4. An important characteristic of Dynamics 365 is that it helps businesses become more adaptable. Priorities, actionables, and realities of every business are subject to change, which makes it important that its handling changes accordingly. Dynamics 365 is not only adaptable to every unique business but helps them become adaptable.
  5. One factor that sets Microsoft Dynamics 365 from other similar solutions is the sheer amount it is able to do. This is made possible by several apps that have been designed to take care of multiple business processes on your behalf. These apps cater to your marketing, project services, field services, customer services, sales, operations, finance-related needs.
  6. A major advantage of Dynamics 365 is also its accessibility, whether through a bowser, mobile app, or within Outlook, users can interact with the data and processes with the system. Additionally Dynamics 365 can it be utilised as a Software as a Service on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, or deployed to Infrastructure as a Service or on-premise hardware.
  7. There are also some straightforward benefits to using Microsoft Dynamics 365. It is extremely simple to use and understand. It is easy to search for the required data through configurable menus, or its various search functions. One can also subscribe to it as per their needs, making the operational cost much lower than buying the licenses for all apps. You can also scale up or scale down your subscription as per the monthly needs of the business. This also reduces the amount that businesses spend on IT and servers.
  8. Microsoft Dynamic 365 also provides the one thing that every single business needs- security. It is possible to control the security and accessibility of all the data, not only by using role-based security but even down to the field level.. Data is secured both in-transit and at rest, using the highest levels of proven encryption technologies.
  9. Every business also needs to grow. In order to grow, it needs actionable insight into how it can improve its performance with respect to customers, how it can improve brand reputation, faster data analysis, and prioritising leads. This is made possible through the optional artificial intelligence features that helps you navigate all these areas and helps you make better decisions regarding your business. It also helps you make projections regarding profitability, anticipates demands, and visualise costs, preventing you from having to put in considerable effort yourself.
  10. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is heavily customisable and extensible, often without requiring any programming Custom entities and fields can be easily added and updated, business rules and workflows created to automate processes, dashboards produced to view and summarize your data, all without code. Dynamics 365 can also be extended to integrate with external systems, using Power Automate or via its WebAPIs, to produce seamless and connected systems.
  11. Dynamics 365 also plays a major role in marketing. Apart from allowing you to send personalised HTML emails it also allows you to analyse your customers’ behaviour, providing valuable insight that helps you ensure that your customers have the best possible experience with your service. This can be achieved through customer surveys and event management. You can also define customer journeys that score leads based on interactions with your marketing activities to help ensure that your sales teams are prioritising the highest probability buyers.
  12. Dynamics 365 eases communication and collaboration between all users in the business, by integrating seamlessly with Outlook, Teams and SharePoint. Whether its structured data, documents, conversations or emails, users can work together with the data they need far more smoothly while reducing wasted time and effort that may otherwise cause delays in servicing your customers.

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